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Ask Liza

Welcome to my Q & A Forum where I  answer your questions

I'll try and answer your questions as best I can. Please submit your questions and I'll select some of those along with my answers and publish them here with my answer.

I don't always have time to respond to every question individually (I have a regular job like everyone else, so be patient), but I do try to when I can. Nothing is off-limits here. If you have always wanted to know something about transsexuals, or even myself as a transsexual woman, then go ahead and ask. 

Todd from San Diego asks, What is the difference between a shemale and a transsexual?

Well Todd, the first thing I will tell you is that most of us don't care for the term 'shemale'. It's something that apparently originated in the adult entertainment industry (porn industry), and a lot of us feel that it is degrading and objectifies us as individuals. To see for yourself, go into the transgender chatrooms and watch the response a guy gets when he starts talking about the 'shemales' and I think more often than not you'll see I'm right. Most of you know that a transsexual is a person who feels intensely that they were born the wrong sex, do not identify with their biological gender and seek reassignment therapy including hormone replacement and sometimes gender reassignment surgery. Transgendered is a term that has gained increasing popularity over the past 10 or so years. It refers to a broader spectrum of people in the Trans community. It is true that some of us transgendered girls don't mind being called shemales, but be cautious, some transgendered girls will become downright nasty, considering it an insult to be called a shemale. When in doubt about how to refer to someone, my suggestion is to politely ask explaining that you don't want to offend them, most T-girls will appreciate the thoughtfulness and consideration you've shown.  Thank you Todd and all the others who e-mailed me with this question.

Jason from Hartford asks, Do you intend to have surgery to complete your transformation?

Jason, I must say this was also a very popular question. I am honestly not sure at this point. I'm very happy with my life as a woman, and other than my online admirers the only people who generally know that I'm a pre-operative TG are my doctor and my lovers. Why should I be anxious to change something that seems to be working just fine right now? 

Terri from Boston asks, Are you more attracted to guys or girls?

Hi Terri, I must admit that I'm slightly more attracted to the gentle touch and sensual passions of another woman, but then you know what they say about a good man being hard to find and a hard man being good to find as well. A gentleman who knows how to treat a lady is a particularly enjoyable date too. No one has claim on my wild heart as yet, so...

Vicki from Chicago asks, Do you date other T-Girls?

Good question Vicki, and one I seldom get asked. Yes, I have in the past, but rarely do anymore. 

Eric from Atlanta asks, Can you still have sex when you take female hormones?

Eric, in short the answer is yes. But it does get more complicated when you consider the physiology of simulated puberty (which is really what hormone therapy is) and sexual function in males in general. Hormone therapy (HT) usually also involves anti-androgens, which are drugs that block either the production of testosterone or the uptake of testosterone in the body to assist in the overall feminization which could be considered the development of secondary female characteristics. When you take away testosterone and flood the brain with estrogens, getting and maintaining an erection is decidedly more difficult, but by no means impossible. It requires more patience on the part of my lover, but my personal experience has been that the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks.

 Pamela from Houston asks , Are your breasts as sensitive as any woman's?

Pamela, My answer to that is that I'm probably more sensitive than most women. I asked my girlfriend a few years ago if she was as tender during development as I was and she said she didn't remember but that she probably was. To my immense pleasure I have found that I'm perhaps more sensitive there than anywhere else.


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